STAT 220 Lab Activities (Spring 2021)

The objective of the labs is to give you hands on experience with data analysis using modern statistical software. We will use a statistical analysis platform called RStudio, which is a front end for the R statistical language.

The content of all the labs are posted in the table below. You are encouraged to do the lab work on your own (or work together with other students) even if you are not able to attend the lab session.

During the lab sessions, the TAs will give a 10-15 minutes overview of the lab and learning goals, and guide you through some of the exercises. The lab sessions are then followed by a 60 mins homework help session. You are encouraged to preview the content and/or start early and bring in questions to the sessions.

LabTimeSubjects (Click on the subjects below to view content)
1Week 0 & 1Introduction to R and RStudio
2Week 1Exploring Numerical Data
3Week 2Exploring Categorical Data
4Week 3Law of Large Numbers
5Week 4Normal Distributions
6Week 6Foundations of Statistical Inference: Sampling Distributions
7Week 7Confidence Intervals
8Week 8Inference for Numerical Data
10Week 9Introduction to linear regression