WeekDateTopicLectureR examplesDue
12024-01-04Introduction to GLMLecture 1Data example 1
22024-01-09GLM concepts and estimationLecture 2
22024-01-11Statistical Inference for GLMLecture 3
22024-01-12HW1 due at 11:59pm
32024-01-16Deviance AnalysisLecture 4Data example 2
32024-01-18GLM computation, Binary modelsLecture 5Data example 3, part I
42024-01-23Binary model applications, inference and computationLecture 6Data example 3, part II
42024-01-25Multinomial GLM: nominal responseLecture 7Data example 4, part I
42024-01-26HW2 due at 11:59pm
52024-01-30Ordinal response modelsLecture 8Data example 4, part II
52024-02-01Loglinear regression, contingency tablesLecture 9Data example 5, part I, Data example 5, part II
62024-02-06Negative binomial GLM, zero-inflation, Beta-binomial GLMLecture 10Data example 6
62024-02-08Quasi-likelihood, Estimating equations and the Sandwich estimatorLecture 11Data example 7
72024-02-15Review of linear mixed effect modelsLecture 12Data example 8HW3 due at 11:59pm
82024-02-20Generalized linear mixed effect modelsLecture 13Data example 9
92024-02-22Survival analysis: basic concepts, Kaplan-Meier estimator, log-rank testLecture 14Data example 10
92024-02-26HW4 due at 11:59pm
92024-02-27Survival analysis: proportional hazard regression modelLecture 15