Principal Investigator


Jingshu Wang

Assistant Professor in Statistics

PhD Students


Dongyue Xie

Ph.D. student (Joint with Matthew Stephens)


Lin Gui

Ph.D. student (Joint with Victor Veich)


Soumyabrata Kundu

Ph.D. student (rotation)

Master students

  • Yuhang Cai (2020-2021) Now Ph.D. in applied math at UC Berkeley
  • Xinxin Chen (2020-2021) Now Ph.D. in biostatistics at UNC
  • Ming Gao (2019-2021) Now Ph.D. at UChicago Booth
  • Jinhong Du (2019-2021) Now Ph.D. in statistics at CMU
  • Bowei Kang (2019-2020) Now Ph.D. in biostatistics at University of Chicago

Undergraduate students

  • Ethan Lewis (summer 2021)
  • Shuhong Liu (2020)