Course Materials

WeekDateTopicSlidesExtra materialsDue
12024-01-04General introduction with four examplesLecture 1Papers listed at the end of slides
22024-01-09Potential outcome framework conceptsLecture 2Papers listed at the end of slides
22024-01-11Randomized experiment and Fisher’s exact p-valueLecture 3
22024-01-14HW1 due at 11:59pm
32024-01-16Case study with Fisher’s exact p-valueLecture 4R Example to compute Fisher’s exact p-value
32024-01-18Neyman’s repeated sampling approachLecture 5
42024-01-23Regression for complete randomized experimentLecture 6R Example for regression analysis
42024-01-25Stratified randomized experimentsLecture 7
42024-01-26Quiz1 due on Canvas
42024-01-28HW2 due at 11:59pm
52024-01-30post-stratification, pairwise randomized experimentLecture 8R Example for pairwise randomized experiment
52024-02-01Two case studiesLecture 9Case study with R
62024-02-06Non-compliance and instrumental variablesLecture 10
62024-02-08Conditional randomized experimentLecture 11
72024-02-12HW3 due at 11:59pm
72024-02-13Propensity score estimation, trimming, Propensity score stratificationLecture 12Example 1 Example 2
72024-02-15MatchingLecture 13Matching example
82024-02-20Inverse probability weighting (IPW)Lecture 14IPW example
82024-02-22Doubly robust estimatorLecture 15
82024-02-23Quiz2 due on Canvas
82024-02-25HW4 due at 11:59pm
92024-02-27Assess unconfoundedness, sensitivity analysisLecture 16