WeekDateTopicLecture slidesLecture notesR examplesDue
12023-01-03Introduction to GLMLecture 1Lecture 1Data example 1
12023-01-05GLM concepts and estimationLecture 2Lecture 2
22023-01-10Statistical Inference for GLMLecture 3Lecture 3
22023-01-11HW1 due at 11:59pm
22023-01-12Deviance AnalysisLecture 4Lecture 4Data example 2
32023-01-17GLM computation, Binary modelsLecture 5Lecture 5Data example 3, part I
32023-01-19Binary model applications, inference and computationLecture 6Lecture 6Data example 3, part II
42023-01-24Multinomial GLM: nominal responseLecture 7Lecture 7Data example 4, part I
42023-01-25HW2 due at 11:59pm
42023-01-26Multinomial GLM: ordinal responseLecture 8Lecture 8Data example 4, part II